Amazing Day……..

Funny thing…..Why do Ex’s that treated you beyond horrible creep there way back into your life through facebook?  You sit there numb… are they kidding??? You may have forgotten the crap you dished out for no reason but to be mean. But guess what,  I did not. I have forgiven you but in no way forgotten. But have no desire what-so-ever to EVER darken my life. So I just deleted the request.  I still can not wrap my mind around WHY contact me?  In any way!!!. So I played the CD the Secret and released it and let it go.  I am on the page of pick your battles wisely. This is not a battle I ever want to give any energy too.  It felt good, when I just let it go…. Now it is a AMAZING DAY!!!

Back from Dallas, let the Gossip Begin!

Okay huge fan of Fashion Police, but NE NE Leakes taking Joan Rivers Place! AH NO! I no longer feel driven to watch the program any longer. It will never be the same  without Joan, she was the show, it was by far her show, Melissa just ran the thing. But I do not feel Ne Ne will be a good fit with the cast mates. So that’s  my feeling.

Then we have the most horrible couple on the front page of Vogue, ANNA your are on crack? I bet you sold less copies that month than any other month in your career. Drop the shock value, there just both horrible!

Kanye and KIm, simple yuck!

Happy days ahead!

So fall fashion week is going into full swing all around the world. This is so amazing!

I am beyond thrilled to know the NEW fall edition of all the mags are coming out in Sept. I love these mags, they are the best, large and tons to read! Running to the store to get my copies! Oh Joan Rivers I so wish you were here to give us laughs and trashing comments on the clothes for the fall/winter. But we still have your Fab daughter Melissa Rivers to give us the scoop too!  You are beyond missed!

Wow, can not believe its coming on a month Joan Rivers left us!

It is beyond sad that Joan Rivers passed away. It been a month (almost) and I am still beyond sad! I have to say, she showed me one thing, NEVER, EVER GIVE UP! What ever your dreams or desires, just do not give up! I did not realize how hard this women worked her ass off for the career she loved. The ups the downs the in betweens she went through. But the big lesson, how short life truly is! Thanks Joan Rivers for all the laughs, the love and the greatness to never give up!

Why do Gay Men look so hot! Lesbian look so bad??????

Gay men work at being so hot and well groomed, put together and fresh! Then we have the Lesbians, FATTTTT, comfortable,out of fashion, no make up to speak of and of course no dresses, heels or anything sexy! WHYYYYYYYYYYY? You want to be with a women, why not date a hot one? Be hot yourself, then date as sexy as you are!!!!!!!  Seems the playing field is so uneven! I saw two very large lesbians as a couple, they looked dowdy and homely! Again Why? Work on your package god gave you Lesbians, be proud to be a women, dress great! Lesbians are so behind the times in fashion! I have many gay friends and wonder why do they look so bad???? Ladies get to the gym, take care of your self, get filler, botox, wear a little makeup! Gay men are always the head of the fashion pack, while the lesbians think Lands End is High End Designer clothing! I tried to help a very overweight lesbian look more fem, well it all backfired!!!!!  She got so mad and said I was controlling her!!!!! No women, you look like a hot fashion mess!!!!! All her selfies are a head shots with clevage. As if we can’t figure out your very large! Stop with the headshots!  Always in a fedora, their played out now! Besides being extremely over weight and packed in clothes that did not fit her, I tried to work my gay man gene and whip up a fashionista! Well she back looking like that plump, comfortable, badly dressed lesbian, in a blink of an eye! So out of fashion!!!! So not even current!  Still wearing last year trends! Do they neverread or  look at Vogue or Allure? I guess not!

Fashion Pickers Everywhere!

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